Sunday, September 6, 2009

Princess Blog Designs

As most of you know I design my own blog and have a blog designing website. When we started the adoption for Andrew I wanted to find a way to raise money to help bring him home. I thought this would be the perfect way to do it too! I am offering many things other than blog designs. Here are my prices and pictures of things I have already designed.

1st timers- $30- You will get a personalized header, background, and you can have sidebar pictures (3 is what is included. to add more it is $2 for each additional picture).

Returners- $25- I will redo your blog like you had it before with a new header and background

Signatures- $5- This will be a signature at the bottom of your posts that will match your design

Photoshopping- $5- I can do almost anything to a picture and make it look great! (adding special things to your photos (enhancing them- b/w- Sepia- etc.) and doing about anything you ask for.)

Collages- $10- Pretty much scrapbook pages online that can easily be printed out!! These are great for almost anything! (sizes can be 12x12/ 8.5x11/4x6/5x7/if you need a different size just let me know :] ) I do most of my pictures of Anna Grace in collages like this.

Birth, Adoption, Christmas, and Birthday Announcements- $15- I will design an announcement with your pictures and wording on it. I will email you the design and it can be printed out easily. Just like the collages. (:

If you want a design you will email me first @ Then you will tell me what you want and I will make your blog look magical! Same goes with photoshopping and collages. :) Once you are pleased with your design, you can make payment through PayPal (As for paypal make it payable to this is my mom's account so that she can help keep up with my designs)