Friday, February 12, 2010

Cuteness is...

this little Chicka right here...I mean is she not precious??

She has done so well with a new little monkey running around her palace.
She has accepted him

With such grace....
it amazes me....

She smiles and Loves.
Oh does she love this little one.

She chooses to smile
and I could not live, breathe, or be productive without her.

Oh adoption.

Such a beautiful miracle.
In which not the child is lucky
I am.

As is everyone who meets our little Chicka!
She is spunky,

and just plain
And because of her,
I am who I am
I love you sweet girl!

I feel horribly guilty for how I have been as a big sister these past few weeks. I have probably not paid half of the amount of attention to her trying to get to know Andrew. Which is wrong. So wrong. Because he is always going to be here. He is not leaving. Praise the LORD! No, he did take her place.AT.ALL. Yes, I love him just as much as her but no more. She is my sweet Princess. I will always have a special, special place for this sweet little girl in my heart and my arms because she was my first love, my eye opener, the reason that to this day I love Orphans, my heart is for them, She is the reason I am who I am and I want to make sure when she is older she knows that I love her more than myself, the air I breathe and the life I have.
She is my Sweet, Loving, Princess and no one in this world could ever replace my Anna Grace. Ever.
(Oh and PS....Quick Question::: IF I MOVE MY BLOG...WILL YOU COME TO THE NEW ONE?)


Kristi said...

I'd come along to the new blog, for sure!
And don't be too hard on yourself. Adding to the family takes adjustment.

Melanie said...

Aw, this is such a sweet post =)
Don't feel bad, these things happen when a new family member comes home=) It doesn't mean you love Andrew more than her!
Of course I'd go to the new blog =)

The Byrd's Nest said...

First of all...YES we would come to your new blog. Adjustment takes alot of time and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet picture of them sleeping together and the way her little fingers are gripping his precious.

Taylor said...

I would totally some to the new blog and dont be hard on yourself it takes some adjusting when someone up sets the princesses thrown ask Lily Anna Grace knows you love her just as much as you love Andrew