Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Whole Month Ago Today...

A Whole month ago today a little boy that for 3 years was prayed for was placed in our arms.
He had no idea who we were, He didn't know where he was going, he had just left everything he had ever known.
He was so brave. Such a sweet little boy.
He soon came to know we weren't going anywhere and we loved him...dearly.
He has been here in our arms for an entire month.
That is one month he has been with a forever family and out of an orphanage, one month of being rocked to sleep and told "I love you", one month of being forever loved, one month of having a Mommy and a Daddy plus 4 siblings who would do anything for him.
He has changed so much, he has grown, he has changed lives, and has been as big of a blessing as his Mei Mei! Oh we love him!!!
Happy One month Gotcha Day our Sweet, Spicy, Wild, Funny, Princess loving (but hey he is living with the BIGGEST princess lover in the world.), Creative, car-loving, loud, lovable, laughing, smiley little man, Andrew!!!


Kristy said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful kiddos, beautiful words from an incredibly beautiful young lady!

Love and blessings, Krity