Sunday, February 7, 2010

Opinion Needed

This is not easy for me, at ALL. It is actually horribly HARD.
We are Home with Andrew now. Happy, YES, happy! We actually could not be any happier besides being over this AWFUL jetlag. (sigh)
But blogs...hmmm.
Well ORIGINALLY I had planned to just make a combined blog and be done with it.
I actually MADE a blog already.

I LOVE this blog.
It is like my child, my home, my safety, my comfort zone.
Everything I know really.
I am thinking of the lyrics from Taylor Swift's song....
And we know it's never simple never easy
Never a clean break, no one here to save me
You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand
I mean they are both just so cute and now they live together.
We are finally a forever family.
It just doesn't make sense for me to have two seperate blogs right??
i don't know.
I mean this should be easy but I just LOVE "Ashton's mei mei"
It was my first blog and in my small minded opinion has become quite successful. :)
But anyways,
So my question to you, all of my readers, is this



Red Couch, China 2010


Windy said...

combine them:)

Sharon said...

I say combine them, it seems like it will be a lot easier.

Holly said...

Hmm I would say definitely combine them! But I know what you mean though with wanting to keep this blog since it was your first one and all. You could always combine them onto this blog, keep this url, and just change the title of the blog. Just an idea!

Audrey said...


TanyaLea said...

I vote for COMBINING them!! :)

Welcome home and know we are SO very, very happy for your family!

Hope the jetlag subsides soon.


Kristi said...

I originally thought of doing a second blog for Caleb so I could have a girl one and a boy one, but eventually decided that keeping them "separate" while keeping both going would be more of a pain than it was worth. I'd just combine them for your sanity if I were you.

Emily said...

Oh goodness I know how you feel! My first blog ran out of space for pictures, so I had no choice but to make a new one. Still. It was HARD. I had that blog for a year and a half... it had everything on it... all my feelings, my pictures, and so forth. it was soo hard to start over. but i do think it would be so much easier to combine. And this one will ALWAYS be here. your URL will still work and you will be able to read everything you wrote. It's not going away, you just won't be posting on it anymore. just what i think! but trust me.. i feel your pain! It's hard to give one up after putting so much time into it! but like I said... it'll always be here, even if you aren't posting on it!

Melanie said...

I say combine them =)
I think It'll be easier to post =)

Amy Clemons said...

Combine them and then link to the original blogs if you want readers to be able to read about each child's special journey. Be sure to scrapbook and save everything digitally so that they (and you) will always be able to look back on these special memories.