Friday, February 19, 2010

How Are We Doing?

That has been our big question.
How are we doing?
In all honesty,
Andrew has blown us completely away with how amazingly well he is doing! He LOVES life. Everything he does is with a smile and that smile can make a room light up. He is the life of the party, like his Mei Mei. Oh and he loves that Mei Mei of his!! He loves to with her and if he and my Dad are going somewhere (taking me to volleyball) he gets all stressed out if she is not in the car with him "Mei Mei seat; Mei Mei seat" it is precious. We took him to the doctor on Monday and he is going to need tubes in his ears, which is normal for cleft babies. His lip/palate look really good and the doctor was very pleased! His speech and language is coming along so great!! He is picking up more and more everyday! I am pretty sure we learned "potty" today! Yay for no more "Now Now" (as we call it.) I am just so blessed to be his Jie Jie!! I love to be with him! He went to "school" with Anna Grace on Valentine's Day and did SO well! Oh My Gosh! He acted like he had always been there! He went in and sat in Mrs. Chasity's lap! It was precious!
Anna Grace is slowly coming to like him more and more. This was SUCH A BIG change for her! She went from being the ONLY baby to Thing 1 and we added Thing 2. She has been a trooper for sure! She has her moments of loving him and moments of not favoring him. The FUNNIEST thing happened the other day....Andrew was yelling in Mandarin and doing something crazy and Anna Grace looks at him, points her finger and yells something to him in "Chinese" we all about died laughing! We asked her what she said and she put her head down and refused to tell us...I wanna know what it is because it works!!! haha. So as you all now know, Andrew is adjusting WONDERFULLY and is a perfect fit for our family! It feels like he has always been here!
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!


Christy said...

What a blessing that Andrew is doing so well. He is such a little trooper!!! Im sure it is quite a shock that Anna Grace is reacting the way she is-- love the thing one and thing 2- that is so funny. Im thrilled for your family and so happy all is well. You will continue to see his growth over the next number of months.

By the way, you traveled with Karen and Beckey who added Katie. They live by us and we are getting together tomorrow night for CNY. I cant wait to finally meet Katie.

Anyway, have a great day!!!

Christy :)