Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve pix

Well on Christmas our Nana, Papa, Mema, and Papa all came to our house plus my Aunt B.J and her son Jesse. We ate some food and we opened our presents from our parents. We got a lot of stuff this year! We then got cookies and laid them out for Santa and by 11:30 we were all asleep. Miss Anna Grace loved her presents ad opened 1 at a time and played w/ it and then got tired of it and opened another 1! It was SO cute and when she had opened a present and was done playing with it she would wave her little hands in the air and say "all da all da" She went to bed pretty quickly and had a ton of Mo Mo stuff in her floor in her room! So without further ado here are the Christmas Eve Pictures! Make sure you click on the collage to Enlarge it!!