Wednesday, December 19, 2007

*NEW* Pictures!

Here are some new pix of Anna Grace! I can`t believe how she has changed! These pix are of her eating her 1st cookie w/ icing she L-O-V-E-D IT!!!!!! She was SO upset when we took it away b/c it was literally mush. She is starting to just babble it is just precious and she loves to dance (in a baby standing in 1 place way) She is now taking in a love that her Sister also loves Carrie Underwood songs! (the last collage you see)
On December 13th I had my GMS Chorus Concert it was Great! I know I am late and behind but I`m gonna try to catch up this week/weekend I will have a little more free time since school is out!!!! I hope this is catching people up! :) (middle collage)
We celebrated Christmas a little early w/ my Dad`s Family b/c some of them will be out of town! We had SO much fun! We got a lot of presents and Anna Grace got a "Mo Mo" Couch! It was a TON of fun and we got presents early!! My parents let us open 1 present and it happened to be a preset just from my Dad and I got Nike Shox! (they are pink and brown) I was SO excited!( 1st collage you see)

I love this picture!