Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF #2

Here is a pix I have posted before but love it- It is of Meighan and Anna Grace- We miss you guys! Hope to see you soon!!!
I am sorry I haven't updated lately life has been CRAZY! I was sick for 2 days this week so it has just been crazy- :)

Joe did well in surgery and he is recovering- Please Pray he has a quick recovery! Also Please go by Jodi's blog and leave her a comment- Please be praying for their entire family :) Thanks for all your prayers so far :)


Lexie said...

Haha!! I love this picture too! Esspeically there matching hair "doos". To sweet! I can't wait to partake in FFF!

Kecia said...

I'm so happy for Joe!!
Hey,do you ha msn or any other messenger...
You have the msn messenger,add me! SHYCONBALL@HOTMAIL.COM
I would love to talk to you!! You are so cool!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh my word, just look at those bows! Darling!

Lilly's Sissy said...

cute pic!
blog looks great!

Leslie said...

awww i love their bows!! CUTE!