Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School & Prayers please

That's right my baby started school :( I am SO sad! I never thought it would come- She is having fun though so that is good! I can't believe she is it is hard to grasp that fact- Here are some cute little conversations I have had with her over the past week:

PAG- Hey Sissy!
Me- Hey Annaboo
PAG- What you doing?
Me- Watching TV
PAG- I'm getting pretty
Me- Fun Where are you going?
PAG- To a Ball
Me- With who?
PAG- A prince! I need go get my Snow White shoes!
(Walks off)

Me- Are you going to school tomorrow?
PAG- NO I not! Anna NO go school! You No make me- I no wanna go! I am not going Sissy Anna go to Shop with Mommy!!! (Shop is my Dad's work)
Me- ok ok

These aren't to funny but still cute :)

Please take a moment in the next couple of days and say a prayer for Jodi's daddy. Joe is such a special man and those who love him most(his grandchildren especially) call him Pappy. He is having open heart surgery on Wednesday morning. Please pray for God to guide the hands of the surgeon and for Pappy to recover quickly. This has all been quite sudden and no one is prepared. He is in great health but in need of a heart healing. Pappy is the most precious, happy man and he would do anything for anyone. He loves his daughter, wife and grandchildren so much. Please remember them all as they journey this road-pray for peace and comfort as they wait through the 7 hour surgery. I can already see Pappy walking himself from CCU telling jokes and making everyone laugh. Thanks for your prayers. We love you Pappy(and MeeMee)

Also Pray for Deb one of our friends who went to China with us- She is having surgery today please pray it goes well and she has a quick recovery!


Amy Clemons said...

WOW So much going on. We will be thinking about you and your family and friends during this time.

Kecia said...

We're all praying for Joe!!
Mom call her friends and everybody is also praying for him!
Love you in Christ!!

Lexie said...

I hope that she is enjoying school!!
Praying for your friends...

Jodi said...

Thanks for the sweet words about my Daddy. He is so loved and is doing a little bit better everyday! He just has to take one day at a time! It has been so hard on him! Thanks again for the "shout out"! Glad Miss Anna is loving school. They will have her teaching the class in a couple of weeks! Love You!