Sunday, November 23, 2008

Has it really been a Week??!?!???

Yupp I think it has! I am SO sorry I haven't updated lately! I have been crazy! I just got back from a retreat in TN with my Youth Group at my Church and it was AMAZING! Little Miss Princess is doing wonderful and getting a little more strong willed each day! She is SO sweet though- Melt your heart with her "Oh I love you Sissy" or her "Oh Sissy I gonna give you a kiss cause you so sweet" It is quite funny too! We only have 2 more days of school and then we go on Thanksgiving break!!! WOO HOO! :)
Tomorrow Princess goes to the Eye Doctor so be praying for some good news! :) It is amazing how much of a difference glasses have made on her and we are SO blessed to be able to know that she needs them so her vision does not worsen- Please be praying her prescription goes down! That would be another blessing! I do not have any new pictures to share :( I know I'm failing in blogger world and I'm sorry! I am going to try and update everyday or every other day!
I also wanted to update on Joe/Pappy and tell you he now has Phenomena in one of his lungs- Please continue to pray for him!
Hope you are all doing well :)


Kecia said...

We will be praying fo Anna and for Joe!
You guys are in our family now!!
Love you in Christ!

Lexie said...

Glad that you had fun! I am praying for your Anna baby tomorrow! And hoping for really good news!
Also, Joe is in my prayers...
Have a fabulous week!

Jodi said...

Hey girl! Daddy's lungs are better and now his right leg is the trouble. Keep praying for his strength to improve everyday and his smile to return! Thanks sweetie! Love you!

laurel said...

Love the Christmas look of the blog. Glad you had fun at your camp. We hope everything goes well for you all.

redmaryjanes said...

I will pray for your little girl and for Pappy too.
i hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.
Our blogs kinda look alike, come and see mine :)