Friday, November 28, 2008

So Much for That.........

Well so much for updating everyday/every other day :) BUT to make it up I have TONS of pix!!!! I will be updating more I promise! I have just been SUPER DUPER crazy! Hope you are all doing well my Princess is! She has got a nasty cold right now- Please be praying for her!!
Also please be praying for Joe "Pappy" he is still not doing great- Please be praying he gets home soon and that his leg will heal- Thanks-- Here are the pix--

She was mad at me b/c I wouldn't give her the candy :) and she wanted to go inside :o) so I took these and that was that- We went inside and got her candy :)

*There are TONS more to come but I will save it for another day :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Has it really been a Week??!?!???

Yupp I think it has! I am SO sorry I haven't updated lately! I have been crazy! I just got back from a retreat in TN with my Youth Group at my Church and it was AMAZING! Little Miss Princess is doing wonderful and getting a little more strong willed each day! She is SO sweet though- Melt your heart with her "Oh I love you Sissy" or her "Oh Sissy I gonna give you a kiss cause you so sweet" It is quite funny too! We only have 2 more days of school and then we go on Thanksgiving break!!! WOO HOO! :)
Tomorrow Princess goes to the Eye Doctor so be praying for some good news! :) It is amazing how much of a difference glasses have made on her and we are SO blessed to be able to know that she needs them so her vision does not worsen- Please be praying her prescription goes down! That would be another blessing! I do not have any new pictures to share :( I know I'm failing in blogger world and I'm sorry! I am going to try and update everyday or every other day!
I also wanted to update on Joe/Pappy and tell you he now has Phenomena in one of his lungs- Please continue to pray for him!
Hope you are all doing well :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF #2

Here is a pix I have posted before but love it- It is of Meighan and Anna Grace- We miss you guys! Hope to see you soon!!!
I am sorry I haven't updated lately life has been CRAZY! I was sick for 2 days this week so it has just been crazy- :)

Joe did well in surgery and he is recovering- Please Pray he has a quick recovery! Also Please go by Jodi's blog and leave her a comment- Please be praying for their entire family :) Thanks for all your prayers so far :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School & Prayers please

That's right my baby started school :( I am SO sad! I never thought it would come- She is having fun though so that is good! I can't believe she is it is hard to grasp that fact- Here are some cute little conversations I have had with her over the past week:

PAG- Hey Sissy!
Me- Hey Annaboo
PAG- What you doing?
Me- Watching TV
PAG- I'm getting pretty
Me- Fun Where are you going?
PAG- To a Ball
Me- With who?
PAG- A prince! I need go get my Snow White shoes!
(Walks off)

Me- Are you going to school tomorrow?
PAG- NO I not! Anna NO go school! You No make me- I no wanna go! I am not going Sissy Anna go to Shop with Mommy!!! (Shop is my Dad's work)
Me- ok ok

These aren't to funny but still cute :)

Please take a moment in the next couple of days and say a prayer for Jodi's daddy. Joe is such a special man and those who love him most(his grandchildren especially) call him Pappy. He is having open heart surgery on Wednesday morning. Please pray for God to guide the hands of the surgeon and for Pappy to recover quickly. This has all been quite sudden and no one is prepared. He is in great health but in need of a heart healing. Pappy is the most precious, happy man and he would do anything for anyone. He loves his daughter, wife and grandchildren so much. Please remember them all as they journey this road-pray for peace and comfort as they wait through the 7 hour surgery. I can already see Pappy walking himself from CCU telling jokes and making everyone laugh. Thanks for your prayers. We love you Pappy(and MeeMee)

Also Pray for Deb one of our friends who went to China with us- She is having surgery today please pray it goes well and she has a quick recovery!

Friday, November 7, 2008

FFF #1

Here is my first Favorite Foto Friday Post! Let's all see how long I can keep this up! :) {this pix is from a few weeks ago}
Also I finally figured out how to make signatures!!!!!! YAY!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Picture Fun

Today since it was Election Day we were out of school!!! Kamden and Cole came over to our house and spent the day with us- I got bored (Go figure) :) and decided to have a "Photo Shoot" of Princess and Kamden- Since Kamden is 4 she was more willing to let me play with her and have fun- Princess was great just not as patient- :) I took Kamden outside 2wice and snapped pix- I think they turned out wonderful and you can really see the blue in her eyes- I love them!! Thanks Kam for allowing me to play around with positions and take pix of you! I had SO much fun- (Not sure Kamden can say the same but she was AWESOME) :) Here are the pix I got of Princess and Kamden :) I think they could be Models :) Sorry it is in one big collage there were just too many :)

*Click to Enlarge*

SO I changed my blog for Christmas!!!!!!!! Whatcha think?!?!???

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pix

OK to reveal what Princess was..............

A Pumpkin

I will be posting a pix of her veryyyyyyyy soon

She was going to be Cinderella BUT it was WAAAAYYY to cold for the costume! I still think she looked precious! Good guesses everyone!! We all had a blast- One of my best friends, Gracie came with me and we had a ton of fun! We didn't really go Trick-Or-Treating we really just went to festivals churches were having! Here are the pix from Halloween!!!

I cannot believe Christmas is only 52 days away!!!! It is amazing how time flies!

and by the way

GO OUT AND VOTE! {I can't but a lot of you probably can}

And when you do, be sure to get your "I Voted" sticker and KEEP IT !!!

Then you can get a FREE tall Starbucks coffee

a FREE star shaped Krisy Kreme donut

a FREE Chick Fil A sandwich

a FREE scoop of Ben & Jerry's icecream (5-8pm)

Or all of the above if you plan ahead:)

Just VOTE, even if you don't have time to get all these things :)

Also if you or your child have A's on report cards they can get up to six original glazed donuts at Krispy Kreme for each A. Cause we all know that we all don't already have more Halloween candy in our homes than we will ever need or be able to eat and we need more sweets!

I got this info off Windy's blog- A Peek at Us-
Great info Windy THANKS!