Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Award!

Well Amy has given me a blog award! I love to read her blog and see what is going on in her life with her precious little girl! Go over to her blog and take a look!

If you get this award you must then choose 7 blogs you love to read and then post this sticker (above) on to your blog somewhere-
Here are mine

  1. Lexie {Journey to Karleigh Mei}
  2. Leslie {Princesa Gautemalteca}
  3. Kara {Life with Meighan Fu}
  4. Abigail {Life with my Mei Mei Addie}*Private*
  5. Ahnna {Life with my precious Mei Mei} *Private*
  6. Jodi {Funny Farm}
  7. Christy {To Mia With Love}
There are SO many blogs I love it was really hard to decide-
Have a great rest of the weekend!! :)

*Also a new blog design! Tell me what you think!


Amy Clemons said...

Love the new blog look. Its so cute!

Christy said...

AWWWWWW!!!! Thanks so much for the award!!I appreciate it and love your blog as well. I will have to do a post and put the award in it tomorrow.

Thanks again!!

Christy :)

Kecia said...

Thenew look is great!! You are a amazing!!
God Bless you!!

Abigail said...

Thanks for the award!! :-) Love the new blog design! :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for reading my blog!!!!! I love your blog too!!! You are a very talented girl to do all of these amazing blog designs!!!!

Your little sis is just the cutest!!