Friday, October 3, 2008

Kids for Kids- and We are having a Partyy!!! and which Design?

I know this is an old pix but..... hey better than nothing :)

As you all probably know I am doing blog designs now for anyone who wants one! I don't charge but to people who would like to pay in some way I ask them to make a donation to Love Without Boundaries- My story got to LWB and they put me in their monthly news letter called Kids for Kids!!! Go here to check it out HERE! I am SO excited!

In other news..... Tomorrow we are having a PARTY!!! It's for Hayne and Princess!! We are having a Knight and Princess party!!! I am SO excited! We are having it at our house! We should have a ton of fun! We will have a "Slay the Dragon" game! (Jodi drew the dragon and he looks AWESOME) We are also having "Sword Fights" (Lord help us) Then for our Princess we are doing hair/makeup and playing princess games! This should be a lot of fun!! I will post pix ASAP!! Also some of our best friends Bobbi and Jake are coming!!!!!!! YAY I can't wait to see Lillie and Maddie! We are going to have a fun weekend!

Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker

This was a VERY hard ticker for me to make! I about cried! She is getting SO old and time is just flying........ I'm trying to enjoy this time with her but it is going by too fast-
I love you Anna Grace FuLai!

Also here is a beautiful song by Crystal Shawanda called "You Can Let Go" it is beautiful- Please take a moment to listen to it... Sorry it's not the actual video it wasn't embed on Y*ouTube-

*By the way my leg is healing REALLY well!! Thank you for all your prayers!!! I also wanted to thank you for your concern! Princess and I are doing WONDERFUL! We are just CRAZY busy!!!*

One more question! Do you like this header or the header I have right now??? Be honest and please tell me! I can't decide! :)

*click to enlarge*


SarahHub said...

Can't wait to see the birthday pix!

Anonymous said...

Woohoooo, Ashton!!! **So** proud of you!!! :) I was soooo excited when I saw Anna's picture on that newsletter today!!! :) We can't wait to see you guys!!! Big hugs~Bobbi

forever sisters said...

I'm happy for you Ashton! I'm glad your leg is getting better it looks VERY painful.

Debby said...

Have fun!!! We are so jeolous, in a good kind of way, ;>) that we live so far away! All I can say is "Pray Hard!" Glad to see you put up a new post and glad your leg is getting better.

Joan said...

That is so cool!

Jodi said...

We had soooo much fun @ the party! From my point of view (behind the camera) everything turned out perfect. . . as usual! My children had an absolute BALL! We love you all and feel most blessed to have y'all in our lives! Giving back feels good, doesn't it? You are such a generous person! You go girlfriend!

Amy Clemons said...
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Amy Clemons said...

Congrats on the recognition for your great blog designs and charity work. You have such a BIG heart. You are going places with this talent of photography and web page designing. Keep working hard and having fun with it.

Btw....I love both headers. I kinda like the pics of Anna Grace in the white dress but both of the backgrounds for the header are great.

Also, its great to see that you're feeling better and back in blog land again.