Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Week Stuff

Well I just wanted to update and tell you what was going on! On Monday we were out of school!!! :) So we went to Ch*ck E Cheese and also got my brothers Halloween costumes! Adam is going to be Darth Vader and Hayne is going to be a starwa*s ranger thing lol I'm not really sure! I will reveal Miss Anna Grace's costume tomorrow! :) We haven't done much else this week really- We did go to the Trunk-R-Treat at our yesterday and did a trunk which was fun and everyone LOVED Princess and her costume!! I am not dressing up this year- :( Mybest friend and I were going to be Hann*h Montan* and Miley Cyrus- lol Just for fun but I don't think we are :) Oh well maybe next year :) Hope you are all having a great week!!!
*Anyone wanna guess what Princess is being for Halloween??? Just leave a comment! :)

Sorry for the SUPER short post-


Kecia said...

LOL...Fun... Star Wars!!
I'm guessing she will be Cinderella...

redmaryjanes said...

I am guessinga ladybug :)
Happy Halloween to you girl! Now, dress up and get out there and have some fun tonight. Be safe though and stay with a friend. :)

Lexie said...

Have fun out there tonight! Me and my mom are hiding in the house with all of the lights off (to avoid tricker treaters! hahah!). Ohh....and eating the candy that was suppose to be for THEM. Haha.