Sunday, October 19, 2008


FINALLY! Here are the pix from PAG and Hayne's Party! I would have made collages BUT my computer is SO slow! I decided to just use the ones my Mom made on Picasa! I am SO sorry it took SO long to get these posted! Hope you enjoy.. Just click to enlarge the collages : ) Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend!

Here are the pix from the Pumpkin Patch and festival!! We had a great time!!! ENJOY!



Lexie said...

You are seriously going to have to teach me how to make those little collages!

The pictures of you and her are **precious**!!!!

Have a great week!

Holly said...

Very cute pictures Ashton! Anna Grace looks so cute in her princess dress!! What program do you use to make the collages??

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

I use Picasa and Lumapix to make my collages. I used Picasa to make these Just go to to download the program. It's free and organizes your photos, it also allows you to turn photos from black and white, to sepia and so on it is really neat!

Joan said...

What is your skype name? I will have to add you to my list!

Monica said...

What a lot of beautiful smiles!!!

Kecia said...

Amazing pictures!!
You are a professional!!
God bless you and your family!!

Tonya said...

You so have a gift.

TAG, you're it! Go to my blog to see what I mean! :>)

laurel said...

Amazing cake! Amazing pics!!