Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Princess Anna Grace
She wore her dress!!!!! We were thrilled!!
Mommy helping her open presents!

Sir Hayne
Princess with her Mommy and Daddy opening her presents
My Princess and I!
Today we went to a pumpkin festival type thing and a "mini" pumpkin patch! We had SO much fun!! Princess had a ball! We played games, jumped on bouncie things, and much more! I can't wait to share the pix! I have loads of pix from that and pix from Princess an Hayne's birthday party! Our laptop is giving me a fit SO when I get the chance I will upload them! But here are a few to hold you over! This is all I could get to upload :]
I have got to get back into blogger world! I miss it!
This is my hate list about being crazy:

  • I have NO time!
  • I rarely have free time
  • There is no free moment most days
  • I never get to spend as much time with my Princess as I want to
  • I never get to blog or look at others blogs
  • You feel like you are going 1,000 different ways!
Here is what I like:
  • Playing my favorite sport
  • Doing what I love
  • Never being bored
  • Spending a lot of time with friends
  • Never being alone
Sorry or the quick post!!

Oh! I also want to add a few conversations I have had with Princess in the past week!

Wednesday- 10/8/08

Me- Hey Annaboo
PAG- Hey Sissyboo howa you
Me- I'm good. How are you doing today
PAG- I guess I fine
Me- That's good
PAG- I want some gummies
Me- We don't have any
PAG- Go get some then
Me- I can't
PAG- Why
Me- I can't drive
PAG- Make Mommy get them for me
Gotta Love her!

Friday- 10/10/08

PAG- Hey Sissy
Me- Hey Anna
PAG- I weigh 20lbs
Me- You do?!?!
PAG- yup! I so pretty lika model!
Me- Yes you are
PAG- I know-
(Walks away with hands by her side like a model lol)


Me- Pick a pumpkin Princess
huge pumpkin>
Me- Lets get a baby pumpkin
PAG- You go get one
Me- Which one
PAG- A princess one
Me- OK

She cracks me up- She is SSOO sweet and I LOVE her more and more! These aren't too funny but they are still cute!
Enjoy the weekend!!!
Ashton and Princess Anna Grace (PAG)


Jodi said...

Sweet pictures! Even sweeter conversations with Princess Anna Grace (PAG). How funny! We had fun at the party. You need to write a bit about the gala event of the year!

Amy Clemons said...

Ashton she is precious. She looks like royalty.

I miss reading your blog posts but hey a girls gotta have a life.... and you seem really busy. I'm glad v-ball is going well for you.

Thanks for sharing the cute pics!

Lilly's Sissy said...

adorable pictures!
she is so sweet!

Lexie said...

loved the pictures!!

She is too funny!

Hope that all is well with you!


laurel said...

Love the blog and LOVE the pcitures. She is such a darling princess.

Leslie said...

AWWWWWWWWWW i love your new pics of your sweet baby sister!!!!!!!