Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged! : )

I was tagged by Tonya! (Than you for the sweet comment by the way!!)

Now I get to share 7 weird things about myself and I get to tag 7 others.

  1. I am a perfectionist at a few things 1 example is if a paper is bent I have to get a new one! Stuff like that drives me CRAZY!!
  2. I am VERY simple! I don't get a lot of things until WAY after it is over :) I was blonde at birth lol (NO offense towards blonde's) : )
  3. I can't stand to be around sick people I lose it if someone throws up around me (I can't help it)
  4. I love flip-flops! I wear them during the winter! (My Best Friend and I wear toe socks with them when its REALLY cold)
  5. I'm NEVER really quite around people I know EVER! I am LOUD- lol :)
  6. I HATE to write! (The odd thing is I spend A TON of my time on the computer writing post) : ) {This is random but EVERYTHING i do with#s is 7 I am #7 on the volleyball team (i got to choose :] }
  7. I LOVE Dis*ney movies! Especially the Princess ones (My Princess is rubbing off on me) When I was little I wanted to be Ariel and have red hair- To this day I LOVE and have an obsession with red hair!! :)
I know I am SO weird!!!!

Anyway here is who I tag!

Also we took AG for her 2 yr old check up thing and she is still 20.6 she has not gained an ounce in almost a year :O The doctor said he would be VERY worried if she were not Asian she still does not rank on the American growth chart and is barely in the 20%tile on the Chinese! :( We have a lil peanut :) The nurse brought stickers for her and this is how the conversation between the 2 went:
AG- I need 5 stickers
Nurse- these are 5 stickers
AG- UM no this is (takes stickers lays them out) 1,2,3,4 stickers I need 5
Nurse- OK
AG- I want a Cinderella sticker
Nurse- Okay I'll go get one
AG- Otay
Nurse- (Has sleeping beauty sticker) Heres your Cinderella sticker
AG- No thats Auwua I want Cinderella
Nurse- No Honey this is Cinderella
AG- No it's not I know my princess' that's Auwua I want Cinderella!

Kids say the CRAZIEST things : )
Hope your all having a GREAT week! :o)

Also go to our new Carolina Girl Website!!! Look at all the designs! Tell me what you think!!! :) Christmas will be out next Monday and I LOVE it!!!


Kecia said...

You are great!!
Anna Grace is a very smart princess... She knows what she wants!!

Jodi said...

You are so funny - and so is Anna Grace!! She is so SMART - and you are too - even if you do have blonde roots!!! Love you! - A fellow blondE!

Holly said...

Great answers Ashton! Check out my blog, I just completed it too!

Melanie said...

aww I also love Disney movies!
My favourite ones are the princesses ones as well. But My fav princess was Snowhite:)!

Amy Clemons said...

Funny conversation w/ Anna Grace.

I posted my TAG.