Friday, August 6, 2010


6 months ago today a precious boy came home.

A Child we had just met.

We took him away from any security he had ever had

A place he had never been

With people he barely knew

In a new world

Across the World.

And SO far away from the ONLY home he had ever known

Yet, He did amazingly.
6 months have passed and our fireball continues to amaze us

His name is JianHui (and if we call him anything but we get a lecture ;)

He hates cheese (he would assume starve than eat it)
He has a sweet tooth and pretty much anything with sugar he can down

Andrew is probably the sweetest child you will ever meet, but will show you his spicy side

He is strong willed and if he doesn't want to do it, he won't

He makes you laugh, with his facial expressions, power ranger moves, or just being silly he makes you laugh out loud.
We know that we have been blessed beyond belief with this precious child

God placed him in our lives.

We will be FOREVER grateful to the ONE who went before us and 6 months ago brought this precious child who we call our son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend, and many more things....

To Infinity and Beyond!


Terri said...

So cute!

Kristi said...

Beautiful post. I'm so happy for your family that you listened...

Melanie said...

And you all make a beautiful family =)
These pictures are adorable!! As well as the ones of Anna Grace from the previous post!! =)