Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meeting Emily and Kate!

Through this blog I have "met" some amazing teenage girls! They have become some of my best friends and I have not met them in person. They truly understand the way I think, act, and feel about Anna Grace and Andrew. Things that none of my friends without adopting siblings understand! They keep me sane ;)
You might remember I posted a Congratulations post Here about 2 months ago...I started talking to Emily about 2 years ago and through a lot of facebook chats and text messages she has become one of my best friends. It is crazy how you look up to,talk to, and call them your friend without even meeting them! A WONDERFUL example of the Miracle of Adoption!
Anna Grace and Kate

Playing under the table!

Three Cuties!

Tonight we finally got to meet! Emily, Her Mom, and Kate were on a "mini vacation" this weekend and they were coming right by our house so I suggested that we meet! It happened! I was SO excited!! So tonight at 7pm we met at a little Mexican Restaurant that we love. We socialized, ate, took pictures, watched two precious girls play and had a blast! Anna Grace and Kate clicked almost instantly! They played under the table while we talked. At one point Anna Grace said "We can be best friends!" and Kate said "Ok! But, What is your name again?"  It was seriously hilarious and we all had a good laugh! We talked about how Andrew, Charlie, and Grace had done since coming home! They have all done amazingly well! We are blessed! We also talked about meeting up again. It was just so nice to finally meet Emily in person after years of hoping to meet! Once we finished eating we went outside and took a few pictures just to document that we finally saw each other and to get a picture together! {I have waited forever to have a picture with Emily!} Adoption has changed my life in so many ways and I have met so many amazing friends through it!
Thanks Emily, Pam, and Kate for taking time to come see us!


Kristi said...

How fun! Emily is the "real deal," I so enjoyed being with her family in China on our trip to meet Caleb.
I need to find out via email where exactly you live so that if we ever are in your area that my kiddos can meet your little siblings!

natali said...

how awesome! i love meeting people that you've "met" through blogging. i did that this summer! it was amazing!

Melanie said...

Ohhh I love this!!! I knew you were friends so that's really sweet to see that you met each other =)))!!!