Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot : Happy Birthday, Hayne

Well I have not done a Sunday Snapshot in well, forever. But I guess you can always try to start something new. again. Anyways,

Hayne is our miracle boy, on Friday our birthday boy.

He is patient. sweet. funny. crazy.

a total boy.

A total video-game junkie.

and today he is EIGHT years old.

I remember how excited I was when he was born. I thought it was the coolest thing he was born exactly a month before my birthday "Mommy! Hayne is going to be born August 20 and I was born September 20" I was right and It was so special to me.

I love this kid.

Happy Birthday Hayne

Love you kiddo.

Ni Hao Y'all

{{{Also to my faithful readers...I need your help ;) 
I am going to start a so-called "Photography Business" and I need a name! I need something that does not have my name in it, is unique, fun, and different (:
I know, Quite a lot to ask but if you have any ideas, please comment and let me know! <3 }}}


Sharon said...

My youngest brother is about to turn 8 too, in a few days! Cool! Anyway, yeah a name. Since you are starting your business to support your mission trips, what about something like: "For A Cause Photography", "Photos For Missions", "Missions Photography" or something like that? Just few ideas. Good luck!!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Hayne!
I love the above commenters ideas about the name.

Kristi said...

Happy birthday to your "patient, sweet, funny, crazy" brother! Sounds like a fun combination!
And sorry that I have no creative suggestions on a name for your photography business. I'm so non-creative when it comes to that stuff! What I can give you though is some encouragement. Your talent will speak for itself!

zentmrs said...

Happy Birthday Hayne!

Daisy Dreams said...

Happy Birthday, Hayne! I wish I was creative and had ideas for your photography business....but I don't. However, I wish you luck!!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Hayne!!!
I'm really bad at choosing names. Not that creative at all!! It's a really good idea to use that bussiness to raise money for your mission trips. The names Sharon gave you are good!

Stefanie said...

Hope Hayne had a WONDERFUL birthday! So sweet that you love your brother so much :) Very cute pictures!
Glad to see you join in on Sunday Snapshot this week!!