Tuesday, August 3, 2010

California (:

Well, my week in California was absolutely amazing. I got to visit one of the greatest families ever who I just adore!! They were absolutely amazing and I am SO glad they allowed me to come stay with them for a week (THANK YOU, Karen, Katie, Becky, Doug, Ashlee, and Matt!) I had soo much fun visiting all of the really cool places in California!

On Sunday I got to go to church with the family and then just got to hang around their house all day and watch the girls swim! It was relaxing and fun (: At about 8pm I went with Ashlee (Karen's older daughter) to watch a movie at her friends house. A LOT of fun too, Thanks, Ashlee and Brittney (:

Katie (:

On Monday we went to Chinatown. That was breath-taking. It is just like China, food and all! We shopped some, got some lunch, let the girls play on the rides and shopped some more! (I think my Mom will like what I got her ;)

On Tuesday we went to Huntington Beach. It was sooo coool! We walked around, shopped (haha), watched the volleyball games going on (!) and had lunch at Dukes! It was probably one of my very favorite days! Karen, Tia Annie, Katie, Becky, and I all went. It was so much fun! It was so great to spend time with sweet friends after 6 months!

On Wednesday we went to a very cool little water park! It was a lot of fun, too! (do we see a pattern here? Yes, everything was fun!) We walked through the lazy river, Matt and I went down water slides, Karen took pictures, I took pictures, we had lunch by the "kiddie pool" , watched the girls play in a mushroom type thing that was making it "rain" , and had an awesome time (:

On Thursday we went to the Long Beach Aquarium with the Lucky Mommy's! I LOVED being surrounded by precious little girls and going to a really cool aquarium! It was awesome! We petted sting rays, sharks, and starfish. The girls had a blast looking at all of the cool animals, petting them, and exploring. It was another great day!!
On Friday we went to Seal Beach. We met up with some friends and had a blast hanging out at the beach all day!! I love the beach and especially loved this California beach (probably because it was in California...)

On Saturday I was supposed to go home but due to difficulties with flights I got to stay another night! Woo! So poor Karen had to get up at 5am to take me to the airport only for us to turn back around at 8:30 to go back home! I felt so bad! But I had an amazing day! Doug, Matt, and I had a tour of Hollywood! IT WAS AWESOME ;) (I am also 15 14 {happy em? :) } and a girl haha)
Now that I am home I miss the girls and the rest of the family like crazy!! Thank you Yingling Family for an amazing trip to California I will never forget!


Holly said...

Great post Ashton!! California looks so gorgeous! I really hope I will be able to go there someday! I love all of the pictures. (I'm jealous of your photography skills!) It looks like you had such an incredible time! Congrats on the volleyball team!! I miss you!! Come see me soon please?

Taylor said...

I am so JEALOUS you got to go to Cali. I am glad you had a great time though. Wish I could have gone.

Emily said...

heyyy you're not 15 yet!

i'm really jealous. and your pictures are amazing. take me next time?

Kelly said...

Hi Ashton! We missed getting to see you but looks like you were having a great time!! I was hoping you could help me on our blog--maybe if we come for a visit!! Don't you love the "got love?" shirts? Your parents are the best!! Hoping to get those on the blog tonight! Take care! And give everybody hugs from us!

Kelly said...

ok, Ashton, so we love the quote you put on fb!! Do you know who it is from or is it anonymous? I would love to use it b/c I feel like it is so true for Tim and I. That huge orphan number has Lindsey's face and giggle on it and it is impossible to ignore!! Let me know!