Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

4 years ago today in Beijing, China a precious little boy was born. Little did he know that through time and a very long journey, Finally on his 4th birthday he would be Home. Oh how thankful we are that this year we have him in our arms to snuggle and kiss on the cheek, to give him presents, to get him a BIG cake with candles that we help him blow out, to finally be able to make a wish, to feel the love on his birthday, to finally know that July 29 is not just any other day, it is a super special day. The day a precious miracle came into the world. The precious miracle that would be our son/brother.
4 years ago today we had no idea that the child I would call my little brother was born. 4 years ago today he had just been born and our precious Anna Grace was not yet born!
He had 3 years without a birthday. For 3 years this special boy did not know that he even had a birthday, and finally after 4 years of waiting for a birthday he finally has one! Today is going to be extra special just because he is our sweet little one! We cannot wait to share many more birthdays with you my sweet Prince.

Dear Andrew,
Today is your 4th birthday. Today you have went from a 3 year old to a 4 year old. How time flies. I can't believe you are now 4! It breaks my heart that this was your first birthday and I am not at home with you. It has torn me into pieces sweet boy. But please know, that I love you and I am sending you a big birthday kiss and hug. When I get home, we will do something special (: I can make up for missing this right? I am so sorry. I really am. But please know I will never miss your birthday again. ever. I will always be here. I love you with everything in me. I am now on the list for the worst big sister ever award, I know. But I am having a lot of fun in California and will not stop thinking about my sweet little one the entire day! I will buy you something special ;) I hope that today is the best day ever. I know Mommy, Daddy, Amie, Haynie, and Mei Mei will make your day so special! I can't wait to see my big 4 year old boy! I hope you know how special you are to everyone in our family sweet one. You made dreams come true, you make our life better, and your smile makes anyone feel better! I look forward to spending your 4th year of life with you! (:
Love you to pieces!
Jie Jie

Happy Birthday Andrew Hudson JianHui!!!
We Love You!!


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew!