Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am still Alive!

No I did not fall off the side of the planet, or die but I did finally MEET HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!

Ok all my lovely blogger buddies- Do you remember me? Ya, know Ashton.
The one who used to post daily...Yeah I haven't lately.
So here is the update...
Summer is going great. We are all doing well and are vacationing right now. Can I get and "Ahhhh"
It is simply wonderful!!
SO onto the most AMAZING part of this summer, so far (:

I have become really good friends with a group of girls throughout our adoptions, Holly was one of them.

Today after a year of planning and a lot of prayers and crossing fingers, WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET!!!
She is truly the sweetest person ever and is SO much fun. Just the way she seems on her blog. To say it was an amazing day would be an understatement. She adopted her little sister, Grace, from China in January 2007 (just a few months before we got Anna Grace!) The girlies got along SO well and played for hours apon end. They got to our hotel at about 10 and we said our Hellos shared a few hugs and headed to the pool. The girls insisted. We played at the pool for a good 3 hours and headed inside for some lunch. We had lunched, talked China, Adoption, AFRICA! (Yes she loves Africa too!) and then headed to the beach. We stayed at the beach for probably 2 1/2 - 3hrs and let the little ones play in the sand while Holly and I floated in the ocean, Oh and the Mommy's hit it off too! (Hello, New Friendships!) We went inside again and changed into regular clothes, took a few more pictures, let the little ones play and said our tearful goodbyes! It was truly a GREAT day and I know Anna Grace, Andrew, and I cannot wait to do it again!! Thanks Holly, Gracie, and Mrs. Diane for a WONDERFUL day!!!

Enjoy the pictures!

"Eye" well better yet WE



Holly said...

Aww this was such a sweet post! We loved finally seeing you guys!! And I'm so glad we got some cute pictures!

Anna said...

Ashton!!!! I was wondering if you were dead....ok not really, but I have been missing your posts (: I'm so glad your having fun (And love the pictures of your doll!). Miss you!

Lexie said...

I'm beginning to worry that you've all but disappeared from the planet...

Teresa said...

Love meeting new bloggy friends! Very cool!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Your brother and sister are adorable!