Sunday, July 11, 2010


cutest little boy in the world

My Mei Mei

I am back. Here is a beach update!!! We had an amazing time with everyone and I am so sad we had to leave but happy to be home (: The internet was horribly slow and to upload pictures was a near impossible feat. If you are friends with me on facebook. You got little updates but not much.

Let me start with one of the best days of the year.
July 2, 2007.
In Chongqing China. The civil affairs office a BEAUTIFUL little girl forever came in to our lives. What a magical day that was! I love my sweet girl!
Happy 3 years Baby! (Pictures from her 3 year photoshoot to come)

The beach was an amazing time. We had SO much fun. On Thursday Holly came to visit. She was so much fun. The girls loved each other and I adored finally spending time with Holly (see post below for pictures (: My Nana and Papa also came down on Tuesday! Fun! We love spending time with them! (:
On Friday we celebrated THREE years of blessings with our princess and went to Build-A-Bear* at her request (: She was SO sweet. She got a cute pink and blue ice cream bear and it is her new "Best friend" SO sweet. Andrew JianHui got a Tiger. It was his FIRST time at Build-A-Bear. It was wonderful to have him at the beach with us this year. We rejoiced in the fact that he was the one building his bear (: well, tiger.
On Saturday we just hung out at the hotel and went shopping later that night. It was a GREAT day of relaxing. Our friends Jodi, Max, Kamden, MeeMee, and Pappy came! Let the fun begin!!
Sunday was another relaxing day and Mema and Papa Walter came! Now Everyone was there.
Monday we went to the Dix*e Stampede. Andrew JianHui LOVED it. He was mesmerised by the horses and couldn't wait to pet them! Anna Grace LOVED it too. She loved the girls in pretty dresses. At the end of the show when they do the Red, White, and Blue tribute Anna Grace was thrilled to find out she matched the riders! They all noticed her and talked to her after the show. sweet girl (:
Tuesday-Thursday was just hanging by the pool, beach, relaxing, playing in the sand, and for Andrew getting a little darker (he is SO dark.)
Friday we went to the Pavillion with Max, Cole, Kamden, Jodi, MeeMee, Pappy, Mema, and Papa Walter. We all got taken in with an iPod game. We played about 3 times and Max on his 3rd try won they 8GB iPod Touch. He was SO excited. We all were too. Jumping and Screaming...Good times (: At 10:30 we decided we should probably go get dinner (yes, that late) so off to AppleBees for Appetizers .
Then at 6am Saturday we headed home!
Overall we had an AMAZING time at the beach!
Enjoy the Pictures (:


Kristi said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous family vacation! What a beautiful family photo!