Monday, July 19, 2010

Batman !

Andrew is now in LOVE with Batman! So, we had a photoshoot.

Here are some sweet conversations with Andrew that we have had recently....

Mom pointing out all the toy story* figurines we got him
Mom : Woody
Andrew : Woody
Mom : Buzz
Andrew : Bus
Mom : Bo Peep
Andrew : Bo Leap!
Mom : Ham
Andrew : No Mama! That's BACON! oink oink!

The smile to die for. Cutest little boy.ever.

We have been home almost 6 months and he already knows what Chick-Fil-A has, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and the list continues
Andrew : OOH! Chikkkk IN mama Shick IN!
Mom : Yes buddy chicken
Andrew : Ooh yum. Bock Bock Bock
(Yes we enjoy using animal sounds, but hey at least he knows them)

Sweet Silly Face that melts my heart.

When we were in China Andrew would say something that sounded like "Wada" (just use this so you know how to pronounce it-I have no idea how it is spelled) and until we got to Guangzhou we had no idea what he meant. (Wada (or however it is spelled) means Mine) He gets quite the laugh out of arguing with you over what is yours and what is his
Andrew : WADA!
Ashton : No it is wada!
Andrew : wada wada wada wada wada
Ashton : Nope, Wada.
Andrew : I says it moe (more). It wada. {insert the loud HA HA HA}. Sowwyy Jie Jie!

We are really working on closing eyes during the "blessing" with both of the little ones. This was at dinner one night
Andrew and Anna Grace : God is great, God is good...ya know...Amen.
Andrew : Mommyyyyy! Mei Mei no close eye!
Mom : Well if you saw her then you didn't close your eyes.
Andrew : Hmph. Yes, I did. I saw with one eyes.

"Show me your Muscles!"
We LOVE you sweet boy!


Melanie said...

haha =) These two must be so fun together =) I love these pictures =)

Kristi said...

All the stories are fun, but I so well relate with the "so and so didn't have their eyes closed" during prayer. Love his clever response!
Fantastic pictures by the way!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog and i'm enjoying it ^^ I see God working miracles through your beautiful family~

p/s: mine in mandarin is 我的, pronounced as 'wo de', but 'wada' sounds close enough, heh~