Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Here!

Summer has FINALLY arrived and we are all thrilled!

This post is mixed pictures of Paint and Puppy-Lovin'!

I love that smile. (:
Andrew LOVES our dog Zoey. He is all over her all the time. SO this picture sums his daily activities up. He was thrilled to finally have a picture of he and Zoey together.
Anna Grace LOVES to paint. All she wants to do is paint, draw, or color. Today we were painting and I think she did a beautiful job (:
Here is to the first day of summer! Hope you are having a lazy-day like us...I am going to layout by the pool, get a tan and relax...ahhhhh


Kristi said...

We do a lot of painting too, but most of Caleb's pictures end up with a hole in them as he continues to paint the same spot over and over...
Hope you had a nice pool day!