Monday, June 7, 2010


We all love summer around here. it is the greatest. In approximately THREE days summer will FINALLY be here. Can I get a Hallelujah?! I am so ready to be out of school. Long days at the pool, lake, beach. Oh I can't wait! It is my favorite time of year! I have posted some pictures of my friends and I during the last few days (: enjoy.
Because I have not done an update in awhile here we go::
JianHui (or Andrew) is doing ever-so well! His English has bloomed and he is so sweet. He is a Baba's Boy and when he sees my Dad coming home from work his excitement cannot be tamed. it is SO sweet. He is in love with life. Every day is a joy to him. (He makes us HAPPY too) It is amazing to think this time last year we had not started the process for him and here we are home for almost 5 months! Wow. SO crazy. He has changed our lives for the better. He decided about 3 weeks ago that he is no longer Andrew. He is JianHui. (Gin-Wii) he won't answer to anything but. It has some comedy to it but whatever makes him happy. He lived in an orphanage for over 3 years and if it makes him happy then it works for us. ((: Next Monday he and my Mom and Dad will again attempt for Shriners. Please be praying for our boy. That he will be willing with the doctors and will understand what is going on. That he will be HEALTHY and they will be able to go! Please, God? We really need to get this sweet boy to the surgeons so they can help us help him. (: Thanks for your prayers
Now on to a certain Princess
Can we say Sassy Sue? that is the child we now have in our house we so affectionately call AnnaGrace. She is a doll. Soon she will turn 4 and in a few days (21) it will be THREE years since we left for China to bring home our long awaited Princess. The time has flown. How has she gone from a 10 month old baby to an almost FOUR year old!? It is crazy to me. Oh how I love this chicka. She is my life and love. She is in love with JianHui. in LOVE. He goes NO where with out her and she won't go anywhere without him. It is precious. She is also going to Cincinnati with my Mom, Dad, and JianHui next Monday. Pray for her and her understanding.