Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun

oh that smile!
Sundays are one of my favorite days
I love the lazy feel, naps in the afternoon. Church. Everything about it I love. Today has been BEAUTIFUL. The weather is perfect so a Certain Princess and I went outside for a photoshoot to soak it in! Such fun. Have I mentioned that I love this girl with every bit of me?! She is my life! She is in rare form today and is hyper, sweetly excited, and oh so ready for pictures. SO I took advantage of it. Here are my favorite shots from today!

She was jumping up and down. Notice the tinkerbell socks..She dressed herself (: but life's short, right?


Kristi said...

You can just see her excitement as she jumps!
By the way, my kids LOVE that song!