Thursday, October 14, 2010

Andrew's Surgery

Next week our precious boy is going to go all the way to Cincinnati and have surgery. He will need some major prayers. Please be praying our boy will trust us and know we are doing what is best for him, that he will understand what is going on, that God will give him a peace that will not be explainable other than by God himself, that God will protect him and the surgery will go well.
More details to come. Just be praying for our boy next week!
Thank you all!


Kristi said...

I've got one in surgery next week too, so I'll be on the prayer radar! Please let us know any specific requests!

TanyaLea said...
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TanyaLea said...

I will be praying for Andrew. And please post any specifics we can be praying, or hit me with an email.

God bless you, Ashton... you are mature beyond your years! <><


P.S.>> Love the new look of your blog...the header pics are GREAT! (maybe they're not-so-new...I just haven't been by to visit in awhile, so they're new to me!! ;)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

You are coming to my neck of the woods. Cincinnati Childrens is an AWESOME hospital and Andrew will be in great care. (and not just in the Great Physicians care) Be sure to get free tickets to zoo while you all are there. It's right across the street from the hospital and if he is doing well, and the weather cooperates, it's a really nice zoo! Sending LOTS of prayers for a successful surgery.