Friday, October 22, 2010


I would first like to start another Uganda post by thanking everyone for the comments in the last post...They mean so much.
Anyways, on to other things.
Uganda is a beautiful place. The people, the places, the homes, everything about it to me is beautiful. The suffering of course is not but there is beauty in it all. The beauty in the fact that in the greatest poverty they are lifting their hands in Praise to the ONE who rescues them. The ONE who helps them through their life. If only the nice, comfortable life in America we could understand how REAL and BIG and MOUNTAIN-MOVING our God is! If Only...I am not by any means saying that people in America do not worship or love God! Some do!! Think if you were an Orphan, alone, starving on the street...Would you be happy, always smiling, or in a good mood? If that was all you had ever known? Do you think that ANYONE chooses to live the life they live. That ANY child chooses to be an Orphan?! I highly doubt it. What is good about not having an Earthly Mommy and Daddy. Not having someone to tuck you in at night, kiss you, or let you know you are loved? Nothing is good about that. At all. It is only by the GRACE of God I am where I am right now. In a nice, comfortable home, listening to an iPod, texting on a cell phone, and on the internet. All of that is a LUXURY. I am BLESSED to have that stuff. I love my life here but slowly God is breaking my heart for what breaks His. Slowly HE is showing me that this lovely life in America is not for me. My life was not meant to be spent donating money online and praying for a child through the internet and hoping someone else will do something, my life was meant to GO and to help the Least of These to do something. Slowly God is showing me and changing my heart...Slowly I am finding out where I REALLY belong...and that is not in America.
Please keep praying for me and where GOD wants me to go!


Kristi said...

I'm crying as I read this beautiful post! Oh that many, many more of us will be willing to give up the comforts and step out in God's plan...
I will pray for you!

natali said...

praying for you, ashton :)

Sharon said...

Beautiful thoughts Ashton! It looks like God really is preparing your heart to serve Him somewhere! You mentioned one of the things that really stood out to me when I was in Uganda. The people there are so thankful, and loving and they are always happy! They have next to nothing, but that doesn't stop them from being thankful, in fact it makes them rely totally on God, and in turn seem way closer to Him! God has been showing me that if we had less we could also be closer to Him. We don't really rely on Him at all in our comfortable American lives, we already have what we need to survive, so it's easy to forget about God. But it's beautiful to see the people of Uganda worshiping, trusting, and relying on Him! Anyway, praying for you, and know that He will give you an answer in His timing!

Mardi said...

I do not know you, but I have been inspired and amazed by you just the same. Continue to let God lead you, throught the moments of doubts... believe. and thank you for encouraging me to believe as well. I will be praying for you. :)