Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lydia has a FAMILY!!!

 Lydia with her sweet sisters MollyClaire and AnnaGrace!
Our sweet friends, Kathleen, Steve, AnnaGrace, and MollyClaire are in China right now and just met their precious 13 year old sister and daughter. To know this family is already a blessing. Trust me. But to know their story of how great God is and how he used this family is even more of a blessing. This family found Lydia on September 15. She was 13 years old and ages out in November. November 5 to be exact. They had less than 2 months to bring this precious girl home. God was already moving huge mountains but oh the mountains HE moved to bring her home! In a MONTH and 10 days this family was boarding a plane for China. How GREAT is our God?! How could you ever question if there was a God when you see that HE brought one of HIS Children home! They finally got Lydia Faith yesterday and they said she cannot stop smiling and is SO THANKFUL FOR A FAMILY! Can we say Hallelujah?! I have prayed for this family from the time they decided to try to bring her home! I am so happy for them and Lydia! I cannot wait to see this precious little girl grow up!! Congratulations to the P family!! We love you guys!!!
Please head to their blog
Here We Grow...Again 
to follow their journey in China with Lydia!!


Pam said...

Just hopped on your blog and was astonished by the news of Steve and Kathleen. I immediately called the Shields family ( remember they got little Emily on the same January trip).

This is nothing short of a miracle!
Happy in Indiana about this family news,
Pam and Reagan

Lori said...

Hi Ashton... I've been following Steve and Kathleen's trip to China to bring Lydia home and found your site... Your family is so much like mine, and I think there is somehow a connection. My husband and I have three bio children- almost grown- and 2 little girls from China. We adopted Kate in 2004 and then Ellie through CWA in 2006... I lived in Houston, TX when we adopted the girls, but now live in Jacksonville, FL... could there be a connection??? Are you guys all in North Carolina? I would love to continue following Lydia- as I was moved to tears when I first saw her photo.... begged my husband to bring her home... tried to help a close friend to bring her home... and then finally prayed and prayed that a godly family would somehow get to her in time! Praise be to God ---- they did!!! Thanks for keeping us all up to date! Blessings, Lori McCary (