Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Snapshot : Halloween

Halloween is always a fun occasion at our house...

Well in our house "halloween" happens quite often, well dressing up.

and only ONE costume? Ha, Ha, Ha! NO! We like to have options...Into the dress up drawer we go!

We don't usually get to gorge on candy until we throw up. No, thank you.

But Halloween, of course, is a very special occasion

The one night of the year where you can eat anything and you choose to believe the calories don't count..which, is a wonderful thing.

It is also the one night where you can get by with being whatever you want. A dog? Sure. Big Mac? Why not. Fairy Princess? Go ahead. A woMAN? oooh please!

The one night {to Anna Grace's delight} where you can wear your dress up clothes EVERYWHERE! {we literally had to force her to take it off for church} ;)

Anna Grace and Andrew had so much fun!

This was a very special Halloween because it was Andrew's FIRST!! How awesome is our God!?
He also won a cake in the Cake walk!! 
It amazing that this time last year we were in the horrible waiting process! SO thankful we are home!

Painting Pumpkins  {We carve pumpkins too but some are not trusted  ready for the carving} is a MUST

We all go over to Nana's house. Paint/Carve pumpkins, Eat MORE candy, and get hyped for the Trunk-R-Treating and festivities coming!

Painting the pumpkins is one of our favorite parts! Other than the candy, of course.

Andrew especially enjoys it ;)

We had a lot of fun at the Festivals and Trunk-r-Treats

I think I will let most of the pictures speak for themselves (:

My Cinderella

Confetti Prize {Lucky me!}

Happy Halloween from our Crazy Crew!

Ni Hao Y'all


Anonymous said...

oh so much fun ... anna grace being woody? wicked! =)

Kristi said...

It is a fun, silly, ridiculous holiday, isn't it? Looks like your family had a blast!

The Byrd's Nest said...

So so precious!!!!! Your pumpkins turned out wonderfully!!!