Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mix of Pix and Videos

My Baby

Here are some pix Kayla (Hayne, Princess, and Adam's babysitter--{ she does "watch" me too but she doesn't really "babysit" me}- Adam and Hayne are tooooooo much for me to handle my parents think!!!) Here are some pix and videos she took of Princess and Hayne today!! I don't know how well they will turn out b/c I am still unsure of what to do!! Hope you enjoy them! I will post more videos later but it takes a while to get them to upload! Listen reeeeallly closely to hear her belly laugh- She is sooo funny!!!!! In the 2nd video she is saying HEY and HEY BABE Hayne as you can hear and Kayla are telling her to say it!!!! She is such a handful these days!!!! But i am enjoying EVERY minute of it!! SOO enjoy the videos!!Sorry they are't very long! I don't know how loud the volume is b/c we took it with a camera/video camera!! SO TURN UP THE VOLUME AND PAUSE THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty loud!! Is it not hilarious "Haney toe Haney Toe" she looves toes for some odd reason!!
When she says "Get down Hayne Get down Hayne" she is telling him to get off "her" bed!!!

She is laughing and telling "haney" no at the same time!!!! Do you see her Princessy side yet!!!!! I hope you can now see somewhat how our Princess is!!!!!


forever sisters said...

hey!!! MEighan LOVES the videos! I can't wait for Myrtle beach! I wonder if Anna is going to call me sissy again?

Lexie said...

Too funny! CUTE!