Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Princess

Here are pix of MY Princess! She actually let me put her crown on and her Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty costumes on!!! I think she looks precious- She is getting sooooo big!! She now weighs 20lbs.!!!!!!!! We are thrilled that she is finally 20lbs. since she has been home she has gained 7lbs. and a head-full of hair!!!! I hate to be going on and on about how pretty she is, but is she not beautiful??? Be praying for Adam b/c he has a tournament baseball game tonight and if they win they play on Thursday at the championships but if they lose they play on Tuesday and they lose it is over- Please pray they can win it all!! Adam reeeeeaaaaaallllllyy wants to win along with everyone on his team!! i will post the pix of her in her Sleeping Beauty outfit tomorrow- I am so sorry we are leaving for the baseball game so it is kinda no take that back REALLY hectic! I will post more on MY Princess tomorrow!
Princess yawning!

Adam's team lost last night by 6 runs- They will play tomorrow for their last chance to get to the finals- We are crossing our fingers for his team right now- Please do the same-


JinXiu said...

what a beautiful princess

love the outfit

Debby said...

Adam- sorry about your game buddy... debby kibbee

Lexie said...

Yes, she is beautiful!!!! She is looking more and more like a lil
toddler then a baby! So precious.

sorry to adam...thats a bummer. Win on tues though!!!!!!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! Don't say that Lexie we want her to stay a baby don't even bring "Terrible Twos'" up!!! lol

Although you are right i don't want to admit it!!! lol