Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well everyone go over to my Mom's new blog! She has had a baby jellybeans since we started the adoption process and decided to start a blog!! She is hoping that she will be able to update more often since blogger is a lot easier to work (for her and myself) She has been playing around with it and trying to figure stuff out so it is still "under construction." Hope you all will go check her new blog out!!! Leave me a comment if you do-

I don't know how much updating I will get to do since I am going to the Beach on Wednesday!! and have volleyball camp starting tomorrow from 8-5.............. Yea I am going to be exhausted!!! I am going to try to update at the beach but I don't know if I can get Internet- I can try to update on my Dad's blackberry but don't know if it will work...... Have a GREAT week!!!!!!!

Now for the Answers to the Polls!! 2 weeks ago- What color should we wear on the beach??? Answer- We are wearing White on the Beach and Turquoise (My Mom couldn't decide which one so most likely BOTH!!!) Recent Poll- Do you think Princess likes wearing Hair Bows? Answer- YES!!! We are not allowed to leave the house without a hair bow! Now I am out of questions to ask you, so do you guys have any to ask me (about myself, Princess or our crazy daily life)??? Just leave a comment and I will answer them as soon as I can in a post :-)


Lauren said...

I will have to check that out!