Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Blog Design!!!!

As you can see I have a new blog design!!!!!!!!! Lexie and her Mom did it!!!!!!! I loove it and think they did a GREAT job!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH LEXIE AND LEXIE'S MOM!!!!!!!!!! Lexie so kindly offered yesterday to help me w/ my blog b/c the header was not working- They made my blog "Happy"!
Thanks Lexie for offering to help me!!!!!

Princess and Ashton

Here is a Collage I did for Deb- I love how it turned out and are still trying different things!!! Deb just email me and I will send you the others I did!!!

Please pray for me as i have a reallllllly bad ear infection and will have to go to an ENT b/c my left ear is always infected and my eardrum is deformed (Doctor said it was the most deformed eardrum she had evver seen YAYAY)- I will Most likely have to get tubes put in my ear and since i am 12 it is not a good thing(but when is it ever??? so i guess it is a REALLY bad thing)- Please pray that Princess will feel better she can't get rid of her cold and ear infection!!!


Lauren said...

Your blog looks amazing!!

Lexie said...


So, so glad we could help! Tell me if you need anything else--ever!

Oh no! I will for sure be praying! Ooch...that sounds bad.

Debby said...

We LOVE it! I love the collage of Meighan. I will for sure email you~ we'll be prayin' for your ears.