Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Princess' Baseball Outfit

Here is a pix of Princess in her Uncle Johnny's baseball outfit from when he was little!!!! I think she looks sooooooo cute!!!!!! Today Princess is 21months old :( It makes me sad to think about how she is growing up- Soon she will be 2! Tomorrow we are going camping-


Lauren said...

Aww! Thats really cute!

Taylor said...

Hey!! I created a'll take a while to actually look good though. hahah i was gonna tell you that wednesday me and britt and kendall and my mom and CJ went to the jockey lot in pickens..its SO CHEEP! and all the stuff is brand new..n e way there was this WHOLE TABLE of bows and they were all decorated and all i thought about was anna..excuse me, princess lol i mean all i could picture was anna with all those bows and matching outfits to go with them lol

Holly said...

Awww that is too cute! She is so adorable!