Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Udate on Princess

Here is an update on Princess b/c I have seen a lot of others doing it so i decided to- :o)

*She HATES doctors (any kind at all she sees she screams!! lol)
*She is 19lbs. (yup lost 1lb. :o( )
*Her hair is shoulder length YAAAAAY
*She talks up a storm and NEVVVVER stops :o)
*She loooves Princesses (go figure) and Elmo
*She is having an Elmo 2nd B-day Party
*Every time a camera (no matter what the circumstances) she says CHHHHEEEZZ and shows her teeth (we have trained her SO well) :o)
*She LOOVES her Haney Grace (Hayne's nickname she gave him) lol
*She loves herself (OF COURSE)
*Her only answer word is NO ex. do you want some Juice Anna Grace? her answer "No" (unless you ask if she is a pretty girl then she says "Yes i gorgeous" hehehe)
*She is 21 months :o(
*and is growing up WAAAAY to fast

I thought i would put a collage I made of the girls' in our travel group better known as Xiushan Sisters- Tell me your honest opinion on it- I like how it turned out and I am trying to figure out what I can do w/ it!!! Almost one year w/ Princess!!!!


Debby said...

Ashton, I love it!

Joy Walser said...

Hi Ashton,

I'm Addie's mother. I love your blog and your mothers. I was thinking about starting a blog for Addie. Is it hard to start a new blog? Have fun at the beach and I hate we can't join everyone. We just got back from our summer vacation. Tell everyone hello!