Tuesday, December 9, 2008


That is what Princess is!! She is quite funny! She will walk around and say to people "I'm Babylicious!!!!" It is quite comical and she is loving what people say! lol

Also I wanted to say congratulations to Lexie who's parents are in China right now and they just got Karleigh Mei!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Sorry this is such a short post! I will post some pix later~


redmaryjanes said...

She is babylicious! What a darling!

Christy said...

Yaaa!!! They got their little girl-- that is awesome!! Little one looks babylicious to me :)

Chrisyt :)

Amy Clemons said...

Babylicious!!!! Now thats cute.

Windy said...

I saw her at the shop this afternoon and she told me that - it was so cute!