Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy 53rd Birthday to the GREATEST Nana ever!!!!!

Well the title pretty much says it all!!!! Happy 53rd Birthday Nana!!!! She literally is the best in the world!!! In honor of her 53rd birthday here are 53 things that we love about Nana!!!

  1. Love she has for us
  2. Caring spirit
  3. Amazing
  4. Kind Heart
  5. Her willingness to help anyone in need
  6. Nice
  7. Hard Worker
  8. She always puts others first
  9. Always comes to all of our sports/school activities!
  10. Her bond with Princess
  11. Her Love for everyone
  12. Love for God
  13. Love of Disney World
  14. Love for our country
  15. Love of Mickey M0use*
  16. Fun
  17. Funny
  18. Makes us laugh
  19. Watches funny movies w/ us
  20. Her ability to take pictures
  21. Her love of scrap-booking
  22. Kind Hearted
  23. Greatest Nana ever
  24. Her Cooking
  25. Her sweet Tea :)
  26. Spending the night at her house
  27. Watching TV with her :)
  28. Playing Phase 10 (I taught her how when she broke her arm)
  29. Going on Vacations with her and Papa
  30. Mathematic ability (Mom is the same way)
  31. Giving Spirit
  32. Playing Games with her!
  33. Loves us unconditionally
  34. Always helps
  35. Never stops
  36. Always doing things for us
  37. She always supports us
  38. She spends days with us
  39. She has a cell phone (Princess said that one) :)
  40. Because she gives me a bath (Princess said that one) :)
  41. She is Excellent (according to Hayne)
  42. Takes us places
  43. Make crafts with us
  44. Always gets us Icees!
  45. Let's us eat junk food!
  46. Let's us stay up late watching movies!
  47. Let's us get up early and go walk around when we are at the beach
  48. Buys us stuff
  49. She gets up early!
  50. She feeds Princess empty ice cream cones
  51. Caring
  52. Perfect for us
  53. EVERYTHING!!!!
Well there you have it 53 things we love about Nana!!!
We love you,
Ashton, Adam, Hayne, and Anna Grace


Lexie said...

How sweet!
I am sure she is a very proud Nana!

Amy Clemons said...

What a creative, sweet post! I know she must be so proud of you.

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday to your Nana!

Marla said...

Happy Birthday to your very special Nana. She sounds like on terrific Nana.

I am so happy you left me a commment. I have been thinking of you lately but couldn't remember your blog so know I can be a follower.

I love your Christmas look!

laurel said...

How did the chorus concert go? Happy birthday to Nana too. You sure are creative, I guess it is easier when you are writing about someone you love.

Kecia said...

How sweet...
Happy B-day Ashton's Nana!!!

Amy Clemons said...

You've won an award. Stop by to check it out.

Lilly's Sissy said...

What a sweet idea!

Hope all is well!!

Lilly's Sissy said...

What a sweet idea!

Hope all is well!!

Jodi said...

She is an awesome NANA!
We love her too!