Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Talkative Tuesday :)

Well today I am going to call this Talkative Tuesday b/c I have so much to tell you all :) Hmmm Where should I start??? How about with Princess? I think that will work :) So here we go....

Princess has a cold but that is how she is during the winter :) She is feeling better and is getting back to herself :) She is SO much fun and a ball of energy! She is in LOVE with Princess and could watch "Snoppy Brown" (Charlie Brown) all day long! She is starting to become more and more of a Princess everyday! She is SO sweet and polite and that gets her everything she wants :) She is spoiled rotten! But that's how it should be :) Here is a conversation that she had with my Mom and I in Kohl*s on Saturday-
Princess- Oh Sissy I love this chair!!! Can we get it Puh-weasse?!?!??!
Me- I don't know Baby you gotta ask Mommy
Princess- Otay I will- Here fold it up so she can carry it
Me- Okay (Folds chair up)
Princess- Oh Thank you Sissy!!! Anna Grace gonna carry it now- (Tries to carry it) Sissy Hold me
Me- Okay put her in one arm and chair in the other
Princess- Oh Thank you Sissy I luffa yooh!
Me- I love you too!
*Finally get to my Mom I put Princess down so she can go work her magic*
Princess- Oh Mommy can I pwease get it I luvvvv it! Oh Please Mommy its so pretty! Please with whip cream and a cherry on top can Anna please get it?
Mom- AnnaBaby why don't we find another chair that you can sit in better
Princess- But Mommy this one is soo pwetty and it has Cinnawella on it- Oh please
Mom- Okay Maybe we can get it-

We didn't get it though b/c it wasn't in the packaging and was dirty- We are looking for a really cute one for her :) Any Ideas??
She is now 20.08lbs! She is still SO little! I love it! She is my peanut! Right Now she is sitting beside me coloring :) I can't believe how big she is getting! Time is flying by and i'm not so sure I like it :) I am looking forward to the future but missing the past.... I can't believe the year is almost over! In less than a month it will be 2009! How freaky is that?!?!? I can't believe it- To think 2 years ago we didn't even know who are Princess was and now I can't think of a day without her! It is amazing to me.......
Here is a picture of the Princess with her turkey that she made at school :)

Also this week is the Holiday Fair! We are selling T-Shirts! It starts tomorrow and from then till Sunday we will be CRAZY! I am kinda excited b/c we get to look around and see all the neat things! Hope you are all having a Great Week-

This wasn't as long as I planned but still pretty long :)

Oh and I almost forgot! We have had Princess for 17 months today!!!! How amazing is that?!?!??! It is SO hard to believe-

Please remember to keep Jodi's Daddy (Joe/Pappy) In your prayers! Thank you for all the prayers so far! Go to her blog please- She has updated about him and has pictures- She explains it a lot better than I could- Thanks again...


Kecia said...

Cute!! Cute Anna!!
She really is a princess!!
Love you all in Christ!

Christy said...

Anna is such a tiny little peanut.Mia is 21 pounds so she is a bit bigger-- wow anna is tiny!!

Love the conversation-- she is sooooo verbal- that is amazing she is talking so well. Impressive!!

She is adorable as always!!


Jodi said...

That is so cute! She really knows how to "work it"! I miss seeing you guys and talking to your Mother!