Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok blogger friends- I have been in the blogger world FORVER and I have failed to introduce you to my excellent, wonderful and ever so supportive family! So here is a little tour of our household!

Hal (Dad)- One word- Wonderful! He is a very hard worker! He does a TON for our family and without him I have no idea what we would do! He loves us no matter what and is kind hearted, God Loving/fearing servant and very patient! We love him and w/o him we would not be the same. He is the anchor to our ship (If that makes sense) :) Love you Daddy :)

Angel (Mom)- Amazing, Wonderful, Support, Hardworking, Creative, Helpful, Kind-Hearted the BEST Mom in the world! She is amazing and is what keeps us going and the house clean :) Thanks Mom :)

Me- You all know me... Any questions about me? Comment and I will do a post answering them :)

Adam- Middle Child, Caring, Creative, Genius, Mathematical, Lego builder and patient! He is an awesome little brother who I fail to show how much I really do love him :)

Hayne (Hayney Grace {just to Anna Grace and I})- Funny, Athletic, Strong (really), Power Ranger/ Spiderman/Superman/ Titanium Ranger/ Peter/Prince Caspian, Sweet, and so very loving! He is so kind hearted! I don't ever stop to tell him. Even when he gets on my nerves and might drive me nuts I still love him :)

Anna Grace (Princess)- Beautiful little Princess who has taught me SO many things in life! She is my 'baby' who I would die for! I love you Annababy!
There ya have it! Short and sweet! Hopefully to the point though! Here are my grandparents who I also treasure greatly!

There you have it my family! If you have any questions about or for me just COMMENT!!!!

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
John 8:34

Also two more photoshop* tryings~Tell me what you think!!!

*Sorry i'm not the best with the grammer :) Not my strong point :)


Kecia said...

Great family!! Amazing!!
Cute pics!! You have your mom's creativity!
Love you in Christ!!

Ally, big sister to Lillyana said...

cute post~
love the photoshop edits!

Marla said...

What a blessed family you have to have such a sweet daughter like you.
Love the pictures but the Princess name is hard to see.