Friday, December 26, 2008

Can it really be over??

I can't believe Christmas is OVER!! I am SO sad!! I LOVE Christmas it is my favorite time of the year along with the 3 million others in America! lol I had an excellent Christmas! It was even better with my Princess by my side! She is so sweet! I loved watching her oo and ah over what Santa and Nana got her! Yesterday morning she was SO excited to see what Santa had left for her. She was thrilled when she saw all the Princesss, Dora, and Baby Dolls/ Stuff he had brought her! Then at Nana's house she was SO excited about a Princess table and chairs set she started squealing and shaking she was so excited! It was priceless! We did learn that she does not need to walk around with a candy cane b/c she will have it all over her and the house! She is such a joy to be around and I can't wait for her to get up this morning so we can play with all of her things!!! Her are a few Pictures from th 24th and 25th! ENJOY
My sweet little Jesus Lamb at her concert at school :) She sang Happy Birthday Jesus and Away in a Manger :)

A look back into the past! I did this same thing when I was 2 lol
Anna Grace with the world's BEST Nana!!!
After eating a candy cane-- It's a highchair next time Princess!
Mommy helping her open her Princess purse

I got Photoshop for my computer and I don't have any idea how to use it! If anyone has any tips just let me know! :) Thanks :))
*Anyone needing a new blog design for the New Year just go HERE and email me!! I would love to design for you!


Lexie said...

Hey Girl! I have photoshop...and I love it!! Thats what I do all of my headers and such on. Your gonna love it! It can be kinda confusing if you are new to it...But don't give up!! Is that what you plan on doing your blog headers and such with?? What have you been doing it (the headers) with before??
Email me if ya get the chance and I will try to help you out. Might not be able to help ya till after I get back. But send me an email with your questions!

Amy Clemons said...

Looks like you all had a Great Christmas. Have a Happy New Year!

Cayle said...

Well merry late christmas [=
and a few tips would be; when you edit a photo go to - Image; adjustment; and there is auto levels; auto contrast; ect; there also is Levels it is very easy very basic.
and goodluck on using it.

Marla said...

Glad the Princess had a great Christmas.

Kecia said...

Aww... Cute pics!! Anna is sooo beautiful!
God bless you all!!
Happy New year!!

Leslie said...

awwww Merry christmas to you and your pretty family!!!!! Your sis loooks sooo sweet in her lamb costume!!!!

P.S i have to have my blog updated soon and i know i would want you to do one for me next..what a talent you are!!!