Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 weeks and Counting!!

We have 4 more weeks and we will be in Disney World!!! We have booked the airline flights! And are so close!
We took Anna Grace to the doctor today and she has lost .6 of a pound since Friday! She is so little already-She is now on the 50% on the Chinese Growth Chart!! Success but she still is not on the American Growth chart! :( But we are getting there she just needs to gain some weight! I haven't been taking many pix lately b/c we have been so busy! Anna Grace's hair is so long now!! Her bows are used to keep the hair out of her face!! She has two top teeth now to come up with a grand total of 3 teeth!! We are slowly but surely getting there!! I thought i would give you a quick update on my baby!! She is so sweet ad in a great mood today!!! (This will be a 1st since about Saturday)