Saturday, March 22, 2008

What are the odds??!!?!?!?!!!? part 2

Here are the pictures of Princess loving on Easter Bunny!! She is talking about him going "eastar buny"!! She is so cute!! Today we were trying clothes on her and i noticed that she is REALLY small- Much smaller than i think- She can fit into a 12 month but it is still big and the 18 month falls off of her!! She has a "Buddha Belly" but that is the only barely big part of her!! She is so small- with Gymboree clothes she is going to be in a 6-9 or 9-12 this summer and in regular clothes A 12 month!! It amazes me how little she is and she eats so much!!


Shana said...

Anna Grace is SO precious, and she seems to have something in common with Sophie Lu! Sophie was also scared of Santa but LOVED Mr. Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter to your family!

Love, Shana & Sophie Lu

Holly said...

Awww those pictures are too precious! We didn't even attempt the Easter bunny with Gracie this year because of that very reason.....she freaked when we took her to see Santa. But who knows maybe she would've loved the Easter Bunny like Anna Grace!!!

Desiree said...

Anna Grace is so cute. I love the Esater Bunny pictures.

forever sisters said...

we never took meighan to see santa but when we saw the Easter bunny she just loved on him. It was SO cute she kept blowing kisses to him!We hope we can move down South and see y'all! lol!!!!