Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a wonderful Easter!! I hope everyone else did!! I will warn you this is a long post...........Well pix anyway!! Hope you enjoy- Let me start w/ the first pix you will see............. This was Easter Morning as we were going through what the Easter Bunny brought us! Anna Grace was so sweet- She got some really cute animal cups and they are great- I have pictures of the Easter basket but made a collage of most of the pix- I hope that is OK it would be a lot of editing though so i figured i would go w/ simple- **MAKE SURE YOU ENLARGE THEM** This is the party we had at Nana's house on Saturday- We had 54 people come!! We didn't get a lot of pix on Saturday b/c we were having too much fun I guess!!!?!?!!! We dyed eggs and hunted plastic eggs!! It was great-- The pix of Anna Grace hunting eggs was on Sunday at Nana's house!! She was SO sweet and would pick an egg up and put it in her basket and clap for herself and say YAAAAAAAYYY!! It was too cute-- The Easter Sunday outfits are last- We did OK this year but trying to get a baby to look at the camera along w/ a 5 year old and an 8 year old is difficult!! So we did our best :o) Hope you all are doing well!! We will be in Disney World in 1 week and 2 days!!! Make sure you vote on the **NEW** poll at the top!! So w/o further ado pictures!

Easter Bunny Visit

Anna Grace

Anna Grace's BasketHayne's BasketAdam's BasketEaster MORNING- I look horrible [i know]
Easter Party

Dying eggs
The whole crew waiting to get their prizes!!
Anna Grace and Sissy (me) hunting eggs!!
BEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I miss you Ma Ma

Anna Grace Easter Egg Hunt



Hope you all have a GREAT week!!


Holly said...

Great pictures!! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful Easter!!!

Lexie said...

Great pics!!! I love how y'all all wore coordinating colors! SO CUTE! When i have a family we are so doing that, and i am starting with the colors pink and black (MY FAVORITE COLORS!)!

forever sisters said...

I LOVE your dress!!!