Sunday, March 9, 2008

Busy, Busy , BUSY!!

We are so busy!! We are constantly are staying crazy!! We are doing a play at church that is HUGE!! It is called Why- Here is a picture of the advertisement-
it is such a good production!! We are staying busy w/ Play Practices', Soccer, Volleyball, and Baseball! Anna Grace is a ham and is in love w/ the cama (camera) lol- She is so talkative and is saying hewo [hello] to complete strangers!! We are so excited about Disney!! My Mom drove to Atlanta yesterday to go to the Disney outlet!! They got Anna Grace the sweetest costumes to wear in Disney!! If my Mom approves i post a pix but she may want me to wait for y'all to see her until were there!! Hope y'all had a GREAT weekend!!


Lilly's Sissy said...

busy busy!
We've been busy too!
Especially since lil girl is sick :(

have a good week!

Sharon said...

I had to visit you becasue I adore that pink tutu shot! She is precious!! Hope you get some time to relax soon asnd just BE