Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Princess is Sick :(

That is exactly how Princess feels- Here is the story:
Well on Thursday Princess started running a fever and Jodi's son Max noticed it when we were at VBS- We thought she was teething but she had a fever of 101 when we took it- We called the doctor and they said it was just viral- We had planned to leave the next day to go to Pigeon Forge with Jodi and her family- We still went thinking Princess was OK- The doctors told us that if she threw up more than 2 times to bring her home- Luckily she didn't throw up AT ALL! Praise God but when we went to dinner she was having a difficult time eating and would cry when she drank- My Mom and Jodi looked in her mouth and in the roof of her mouth and down her throat she had blisters- I have never seen her SO sick- On Saturday she still didn't feel good and my parents took her to the urgent care- The doctor said it was viral and to continue what we were doing- She had a high fever and it got to the point where she was in so much pain we had a schedule of giving her medicine- (ex. 12:00pm she got Tylenol and at 2:00pm she got Motrin) I felt so bad for her- On Sunday she was a little better but still not herself- Yesterday she was a different child but still not back to normal- Please pray she is completely better soon! I will try and get some pix from our very relaxing weekend- Really it was great even with Princess being sick-

Thanks Jodi and Craig for helping us SOO much this weekend!!! We had a ball with y'all! Can't wait to do it again!!!!


Courtney said...

My little sister, Brooke, is from Chongqing. She is three. Sorry your little Princess is sick. Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope Anna is feeling better today. I miss all of you and want her to get well so you can come over. Love, Nana

SarahHub said...

I hope Anna Grace feels "all better" soon!

Lauren said...

Im sorry that she is sick. I will be praying for her. I am glad that you guys still had a great time@

Abigail said...

awwwww I hope she feels better! Thanks for doing my blog!! :)