Saturday, July 5, 2008

We are HOME!!!! **UPDATE AGAIN**

I still have MORE pictures and promise to *TRY* and post them tomorrow!
Adam, Cole, Max and Hayne
The Twins! Hal and Craig in their (unplanned) matching "Life is Good" shirts
Meighan, Sarah, and Princess (smallest one still)
Meighan and Princess

Princess and Meighan
The Sleepy Princess was not happy at breakfast!
Nana covering Shag in sand
Deb and Meighan

Princess smiling on 1 year Gotcha day!!!
Meighan on 1 year Gotcha Day
Princess holding her One Year Gotcha Day Present- A bracelet from China- she also got an Olympic stuffed toy!
Princess loves to put on make-up

Our BEAUTIFUL sand shark!! lol
Princess LOVED her "Ice Ceam"
Nana and Princess
Ken and his foot long shark! Way to go Ken! :)
Max and his fish
Shag and his fish he caught
Meighan was SOO happy
Cole, Adam and Hayne building a shark
So Pretty in her white dress
Nana and Bop-Bop "Horse'n Around"
Left to right: Max, Craig, Cole, Kamden, and Jo
Beautiful- My favorite picture

Princess on her Princess towel that she L-O-V-ES

A VERY rare moment of playing in the ocean/sand
Beautiful Meighan Fu
Beautiful Princess
Me and MY Princess- (I had floor burn on my knee from volleyball camp last week and it got looking REALLY bad so I put "Purple Medicine" on it- That is why it looks so freaky)
Another pix of me and my Princess
Hayne and Princess
Our lil Monkey and her Minana (Princess' word for Banana)

Well we got home from the beach at 3:15!! Deb and Ken are going to stay with us for 3 days!!!! We are
sooo excited! Here is our Beach trip in a nut shell:
We (My family) got to the beach at 6:45 or so on Wednesday- We went to the Olive Garden at around 7:30ish and ate- We went back to the hotel and passed out- We got up on Thursday and went out to the pool and the beach- We had a veeerrrry uneventful day and just spent some family time together! On Friday we got up at 8:00am and went straight to the beach- We stayed out until about 2:30 or so and then Princess came in and took a nap- Nana and Papa got to the hotel at about 8:00pm (i think) We had dinner unload their "Over night" bag and went to bed at about 11:30pm- On Saturday we went to the pool and beach (go figure) and played around until 2:00pm and then we went in for lunch and Princess and My Mom took a nap- At about 6:15 Deb and Ken got to the resort! We got some food and just talked until 10 or so- Jodi and Craig got to the resort at about 9:30ish (I am pretty sure) We got up on Sunday and did the same as everyday- at again about 2 we came in and let the girls nap- We didn't do much on Sunday just relaxed and that is what vacation is for so we were all pretty good with that! On Monday we relaxed and at about 7 we went to Barefoot Landing and walked around- On Tuesday and Wednesday we did the same things- EXCEPT ON WEDNESDAY WE CELEBRATED 1 YEAR WITH PRINCESS!!!!!! (I know I am SOOO exciting right LOL) On Thursday we relaxed and just had fun- Joyce and Eric came over with Sarah and for the first time in a year we got to see Bethany and her family!!! I think Bethany gets the award for changing the most!!!! The girls were SOOO sweet together!! On Thursday Brian and Nikki came over and had Ella and her brother Thomas and Sister Monica!!!! I had soo much fun with Kara and Monica- We rode up and Down the elevator and playing around! Since Friday was the 4th of July all 5 girls: Princess, Meighan, Sarah, Bethany, and Ella were all at our hotel!!! The girls highlighted stayed at the same hotel as us! Craig got REAALLLY sick on Friday- (He had an allergic reaction to a spray he used) He felt pretty bad and had to go to the hospital a 2 more times yesterday! PLEASE PRAY FOR CRAIG AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!! On Saturday we got up at about 8 and packed up and at 10 we were heading out- We got home at 3:15- and we went to Nana and Papa's house to help them unpack- Deb and Ken were with us) We got to the end of the road and at the stop sign Ken pulled out and their car stopped completely- Ken, Chris, and My Dad got out to push- But very soon Myself, Kara, and My Mom were pushing (Deb got to drive the car- Luckily we were close enough to Nana's house that we were able to push it there- My Papa has connections and is going to get their car fixed!!! We had a great vacation and are going to a Chinese restaurant that we LOVE- I will have to post pix later!!!! SOOO SORRY about the lack of pix!!
**Craig is doing MUCH better!!! Now pray for Jodi's Daddy- The top part of his heart is beating to fast and the bottom to slow- Please pray for Jodi as she is exhausted!**


Brenda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Jie Jie is BEAUTIFUL.

Jeff and Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by, your little sister is just adorable and what an amazing big sister I am sure you are. LOVE that you are going to be a wonderful example of who Christ is to your sister, gave me chills.

April said...

Thanks for visiting us on our new blog!!! I love the pics of you and Anna Grace, so sweet..I know you love having another little sister..

Shawnstribe said...

so glad i called in, your photos are so so beautiful, your blog is looking great : )

Rachel said...

Your pictures are amazing! How beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your website. You are doing a great job keeping all of us updated with all the new pictures. Keep posting. Nana

Rachelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your pictures, and you are an AMAZING big sister! I have a big sister too. We are 16 years apart. We are now closer than ever! My Ellie, and my oldest are just over 17 years apart. Enjoy this time you have together at home.

Guatmama said...

I love your blog! I will add it to my favorties - you do a great job and have a great family!

Lauren said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I will keep Jodi and her dad in my prayers

Shelly & Family! said...

Hi There...Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your little sister is so adorable and you are doing an amazing job at being the "big sister". Looks like you guys had a great time on vacation. I booked mark your blog...stop by ours again...any time!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Thanks for visiting our blog...your Jie Jie is so cute!

What wonerful pictures!

I will be stopping back soon!


Anonymous said...

I love all the photos! It looks and sounds like you guys had a really nice time...and a wonderful gotcha anniversary!

(Don't tell my kids you are suppose to get presents on Gotcha Day...they haven't thought of that one yet!)

sara said...

I love the princess checking herself out in the mirror!! She is such a ham; and her different swimsuits are all too cute!!! She is such a peanut!