Tuesday, July 29, 2008


That seems to be what I am thinking about today- TIME- It flies by so quickly once you are home with your baby but when your are waiting it seems like a day is a month-I am still in shock that this time one year ago Princess had been in the U.S.A for only not even a month- I remember how we had our luggage and stroller so we took the elevator down to where everyone was waiting- They were all looking up the escalator waiting for us to walk out with our new little girl- Of course when the elevator opened everyone looked and started yelling "It's them they're home" It was SO amazing I also remember the news being at the airport they videoed Princess putting her feet on U.S soil for the first time- When we landed in Chicago we didn't let her feet touch the ground b/c we wanted her Nana and Jodi to be able to see- I remember being interviewed and them asking me questions about the trip and all I remember saying was "She is the best sister you could ever have." She is still the best Mei Mei in the world and always will be- Sometimes I forget she was ever adopted it feels like she has always been part of our family- I just wish time could stop and Princess would always be 22 months old and always Love Elmo and Princess- Unfortunately that is not the case time won't and can't stop unless God has plans for it to- :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here is a pix of Princess on July 3, 2007-
Look at how little my Princess was-


Amy Clemons said...

Wow she has changed so much looking at her old picture and seeing the new ones. You are a great sister to be keeping this wonderful record of her life. When she grows up and looks back at all of this she will cherish it and you for having done it.

Maybe you'll grow up to be a professional photographer or graphic designer some day. You've definitely got talent.

Leslie said...

Yes time sure does fly by!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Lexie said...

Time sure does FLY! Right now I am at that "1 day= a month" thing. :0(

Love your blog!!